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Key dates and deadlines:

Income Tax:

Income tax Returns to Inland Revenue by 30th September ( if you want revenue to calculate your tax liability)
Income Tax returns to inland Revenue by 31st January if your accountant calculates your tax liability
1st Payment on Account 31st January
2nd Payment on account 31st July
Balancing Payments 31st January following year

Capital Gains Payments 31st January

Corporation tax : 9 months and one day after the end of the accounting period

End of year returns:

P14/P35, P38, P38A and CIS36 – 19th May
P60s to employees – 31st May
P9D P11D and P111Db 6th july

National Minimum Wage:

From 1st October 2005 :
Over 21 £5.05 per hour
18 – 21 £4.25 per hour
16 and 17 £3.00 per hour


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